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US Dairy Distributor Favors Paragon Software

Paragon proved the natural choice for US egg producer and processor National Food Corporation (NFC), demonstrating the functionality required to streamline distribution throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the Midwest.

With demanding delivery schedules, NFC know the key to generating repeat business lies with streamlined delivery operations that use optimized plans to increase on-time performance, minimize delays, and boost efficiency.  Specifically selected ahead of rival US systems for the ease with which it handles multi-fleet work and cross docking, Paragon is also driving out savings through centralised planning.

Paragon’s Integrated Fleets software has been purchased for the daily planning of NFC’s 100-vehicle collection and delivery operation involving 15 farm, processing and distribution sites and 800 customers.

For NFC, the combination of Paragon Multi Depot and Integrated Fleets software has proven to be the ideal solution to automate planning and optimize transportation from their distribution centers. Now one person is able to plan up to 50 complex routes per day for the 2,500 deliveries made each week with the system automatically accommodating time window restrictions ranging from five minutes to 24 hours, product load incompatibilities and additional transport services provided to some customers.

“It is clear to see that these will be achieved, because Paragon took the time to understand our operational needs and assess the software’s suitability. The good fit was obvious. We now have a powerful tactical tool which will make it easy for us to see exactly where our resources are being deployed – backed up by a responsive support team which remains focused on our goals.” Kevin Bookey, Transportation Manager, National Food Corporation

Quick facts:
  • US egg producer and processor
  • 15 farm, processing and distribution sites
  • 100 vehicles
  • 800 customers
  • 2,400 deliveries per week
  • Distributing throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Midwest
Benefits reported:
  • Reduced empty running
  • Ability to specify time window restrictions from 5 minutes to 24 hours
  • Easily handle product load incompatibilities as part of the routing and scheduling process
  • Increased visibility of the entire transport operation
  • Manages additional transport services provided to some customers
US dairy distributor favors Paragon routing and scheduling software

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