Maximize driver utilization

Paragon Territory Optimizer enables logistics and field service companies to divide their delivery or service regions into compact zones with balanced workloads. This territory management capability is ideal if you service different areas on different days of the week, or favor the service benefits of giving your customers a regular driver. Territory Optimizer enables high levels of worker productivity and minimizes miles driven and overall transportation costs.

Create highly accurate workloads

Our territory management tool uses actual maps to determine transport workloads.

Maximize productivity

Minimize travel times between deliveries or visits.

Increase customer satisfaction

By establishing regular territories, customers become familiar and comfortable with drivers.

Problems solved

  • Reduce miles driven through more efficient route planning
  • Ensure customers can be serviced by a regular driver
  • Calculate compact zones with even workloads
  • Reduce transport costs
  • Improve mileage through more efficient route planning
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