Allow drivers to quickly sequence jobs in the field

Not all operations can plan daily routes in advance. For example:

  • courier services where each driver creates his or her own routes
  • service businesses that manage ad-hoc or emergency jobs as they arise
  • prescription delivery services where items for delivery are unknown until the driver arrives at each pharmacy

Operations like this cannot usually reap the benefits of centralized fixed route or dynamic route planning using routing and scheduling software. This additional Aptean Proof of Delivery functionality is designed to provide efficient route sequences on an individual driver level. Aptean Proof of Delivery build and sequence empowers drivers to create efficient routes from the same easy to use app that they will use throughout the rest of their day.

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How it works

Job sequencing is managed easily from the Aptean Proof of Delivery app while also offering full visibility for your office-based staff.

Drivers scan the items and jobs to build a route for that day using an in-built scanner or the camera on their device.
Once all of the jobs are added, Aptean Proof of Delivery sequences them into an efficient route and assigns appropriate arrival times.
Transmit to console
The route is automatically updated in the central management console so that visibility of progress is maintained.
If necessary, drivers can add more jobs throughout the day with Aptean Proof of Delivery automatically re-sequencing the route and updating ETAs.
Update console
Any route changes made in the app are updated in the console ensuring that office-based teams are aware of changes in the field.

Enhance efficiency and visibility

The Aptean Proof of Delivery build and sequence module helps streamline your delivery operation by providing your drivers with an efficiently sequenced route. Currently your drivers may receive a stack of paper delivery notes or simply a collection of items to deliver. It’s likely that they then use a range of different manual methods or rudimentary tools to sequence those jobs. This creates a lot of inefficiency in your routes and makes it impossible for your office-based staff to effectively track daily progress or provide customer delivery updates.

However, with Aptean Proof of Delivery’s delivery route planner functionality, workforce productivity is increased across mobile and office-based teams. The time your drivers spend inputting and sequencing jobs is reduced and you can be sure they are following efficient routes. In addition, office-based staff have immediate visibility of changes in the field without phone calls from drivers and can proactively manage customer service.

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Our ePOD software combines a browser-based central management console for office-based staff and a mobile application that provides step-by-step guidance for drivers.

Together they provide a range of measurable day one benefits including removal of delivery paperwork, enhanced real-time job visibility, improved customer service and increased operational efficiency.

The additional build and sequence module allows operations that cannot typically benefit from routing and scheduling software to create optimized routes on an individual driver level. For more information about how the delivery route planner functionality can help your operation get in touch with one of our team or read more about the benefits available with standard Aptean Proof of Delivery.

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