So, you’ve read the benefits list and you understand how advanced electronic proof of delivery works, but you still have a few niggling questions that are standing in your way of choosing a system?

To simplify your decision-making process – and prove to you that fleXipod is the right choice for your business – we’ve put together a list of 15 FAQs.

Q. Is proof of delivery software only suitable for product deliveries, or can we use it too?

A: Whether you are delivering and collecting goods or providing on-site services to consumers or businesses, the fleXipod proof of delivery system can help. Our customers work in a wide variety of industries – and I mean wide! – including distribution, retail, grocery, pharmaceuticals, building supplies, food service, bulk liquids, hygiene services and safety equipment.

Q: Are we restricted to a list of off the shelf data capture processes?

A: Not at all. With the fleXipod system you can configure data capture requirements, driver processes and even terminology to suit your business. In particular, the flexible form functionality allows you to tailor processes to capture the data you need. Some example forms that our customers have created include, vehicle checklists, site risk assessments, installation reports, customer surveys and failed temperature reading forms.

Q: What hardware is required?

A: The fleXipod proof of delivery software is fully hosted so you will not have to factor in investing in a hosting platform. Your drivers just need to download the fleXipod app onto an Android device. Our customers are using a range of devices from smartphones and tablets to barcode scanners and SatNav units. For your office-based staff, the central management console is easily accessed via any browser, so they will only need the PC or tablets that they currently use.

Q: How long will it take to implement?

A: Compared to larger software projects, implementation of electronic proof of delivery software should be a simple task. Paragon has a tried and tested process that includes configuration, interfacing and training. A typical implementation takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Q: What CRM, ERP, OMS, WMS does the fleXipod software integrate with?

A: Paragon provides a number of integration methods that can help you integrate fleXipod with a range of other business systems. Some examples of the systems our customers have integrated fleXipod with are: Oracle, SAP, Sage, Sterling and Dynamics.

Q: Can we give our customers updates or access to a live feed?

A: Absolutely! We have evolved fleXipod to include several customer communication features. For example, you can send customers pre-delivery SMS notification or provide them with access to a driver tracking portal.

Q: Does fleXipod support invoicing?

A: While fleXipod doesn’t send invoices, you are able to integrate the software with your finance department’s systems providing them with immediate visibility of delivery completion. Many of our customers report that fleXipod has increased the speed of their invoicing processes.

Q: Can we send proof of delivery to our customers automatically?

A: Yes is the short answer! When configuring your fleXipod system you can choose to switch on automated emails to your customers following job completion. The email will include a PDF report detailing what was delivered, collected or what service was carried out as well as the customer signature.

Q: What happens when the driver’s device doesn’t have signal?

A: Even if your drivers are in an area without mobile data coverage, the app is still fully functional. Any data that is collected during this time is saved and will be transmitted back to your office-based teams when signal is recovered.

Q: How do we access support?

A: With the fleXipod proof of delivery software, customers have access to a 24/7 hotline manned by our experienced support team as well as an online client portal that provides a range of support resources and user guides.

Q: How often is fleXipod updated? Will we have to pay extra for new features?

A: With the fleXipod proof of delivery software you will receive regular updates as part of your annual maintenance contract. Each year Paragon invests significantly in product development to ensure we can continue to innovate and update the software with functionality that helps our customers tackle changing industry demands.

Q: Are we able to upload useful documents for our drivers to view in the app?

A: You can provide any information you think your drivers will find useful in simple to access PDF’s. For example, you could attach an installation handbook to a specific job, you could present drivers with a terms and conditions document when they log in to the app or you could allow drivers to access an accident reporting procedure PDF within the ad hoc menu.

Q: We use agency drivers during peak: can fleXipod handle this?

A: Yes. The fleXipod proof of delivery system can scale easily to support seasonal peaks as well as ongoing business growth. The app is user friendly and prompts drivers with step-by-step processes so is ideal for subcontractors to quickly pick up and use.

Q: We use multiple carriers: can fleXipod still help us?

A: In the same way that fleXipod can scale to incorporate extra drivers, you are also able to add additional carriers. You can even add specific workflows and data capture requirements per carrier.

Q: Can we add new jobs to the day’s schedule while drivers are out on the road?

A: The fleXipod proof of delivery software is designed to make supporting ad hoc operations really simple. Your office-based staff can add additional or emergency jobs to the driver’s existing workload throughout the day.

Did we miss a question?

If you have any additional queries, or you’d like to arrange a demonstration of the fleXipod electronic proof of delivery software, get in touch and one of our experienced team will be happy to help.

Or, if you’d like a summary of how the fleXipod system works, you can download our datasheet PDF.

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