Provide real-time delivery tracking to customers

Your customers want to know when their delivery is going to arrive. And they don’t want to spend time contacting you to find out.

The additional Aptean Proof of Delivery track my driver functionality, allows you to provide customers with real-time status updates on the progress of their delivery, collection or service call.

By clicking on the tracking link in an SMS or email notification, customers are able to view a map with the latest ETA. What’s more – they can check back in as many times as they like.

Meanwhile, your service teams receive fewer inbound calls and your first time delivery success rates increase.

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Benefits for you and your customers

Automate customer communication

Add the tracking site link to your automated customer SMS or email notifications.

Reduce inbound call volumes

Remove the need for customers to contact your service team for updates.

Enhance customer experience

Offer transparency and increase customer confidence in your delivery offering.

Improve first time delivery success

Help ensure your customers are available at the time of their delivery.

Which businesses can benefit from track my driver?

Timely, accurate delivery communication and tracking has become a universal customer expectation in retail and is rapidly becoming a must-have in a range of other industries.

Whether you are delivering goods or providing on-site services to homes or businesses, the Aptean Proof of Delivery track my driver functionality can boost your customer experience and provide measurable operational benefits.

The interface can be branded and customized to suit your operation and provide consistency across your customer touchpoints.

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Find out more about Aptean Proof of Delivery

Aptean Proof of Delivery combines a browser-based central management console for office-based staff and a mobile application that provides step-by-step guidance for drivers.

Together they provide a range of measurable day one benefits including removal of delivery paperwork, enhanced real-time job visibility, improved customer service and increased operational efficiency.

The additional track my driver module boosts the customer communication functionality available with Aptean Proof of Delivery. For more information about adding track my driver to your existing Aptean Proof of Delivery solution get in touch with one of our team members or you can read more about the benefits available.

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