Share real-time data in html, email or Crystal Report format

Having access to accurate, timely transport data allows you to quickly respond when operational issues such as congestion or delays at customer sites impact your plan. Stopping to share that information, or creating it in multiple different report formats, can be time consuming.

All the data you use in your Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition is held in a SQL database. Live Management allows you to access that data and share status updates, or performance against KPIs in real-time.

Reports can be created and distributed automatically removing the need to spend hours collating and sharing information. Access to real-time information allows you to respond more quickly, creating efficient and agile operations.

Paragon’s Live Management module allows you to generate:

  • Live Management KPI Dashboards
  • Back of Store Arrivals Boards
  • Automated Reports

Problems solved

  • Reduce time required for each vehicle to unload
  • Easily share KPI data across your organisation in multiple formats
  • Allow store managers to manage staff availability based on up to date ETAs
  • Improve store efficiency by ensuring the store is ready to accept the vehicle
  • Proactively deal with problems that arise during the day
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