Improve your transport plan execution with real-time data

Cost-efficient transport plans can be impossible to enforce once the driver leaves the depot. Without real-time vehicle tracking, it is difficult to know whether your drivers are following the planned route, or if unforeseen circumstances such as heavy traffic are causing your plan to unravel.

How can Aptean Live Planning Toolkit help my transport operation?

Combining Aptean Live Planning Toolkit with your Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition allows you to easily compare the progress of your drivers against the transport plan. Armed with this real-time data, you can proactively alert your customers, or your customer service teams, to any potential delays. You can also use historical data to help identify future transport plan improvements.

In addition it allows you to feed the actual hours each driver has worked each day into Paragon’s routing and scheduling software where it is combined with data about the shift times and skills of each driver. This resource management functionality ensures you can maximise the use of each individual driver and vehicle, and meet all of your delivery commitments.

Armed with accurate data automatically gathered from the real world, your transport planner will be able to build accurate, robust transport plans that the transport office can execute with confidence.

Problems solved

  • Link route planning to vehicle tracking
  • Review daily distribution performance based on accurate information
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Produce more realistic and accurate route plans
  • Respond efficiently to problems or delays as they arise
  • Further cut transport costs
  • Improve operational performance
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