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How fleXipod Can Help Your Drivers Streamline Data Capture

From proof of delivery data to health and safety information, delivery drivers are increasingly under pressure to collect a long list of data while out on the road. This data can vary between industries, products or even customers meaning that data capture processes can become complex and time-consuming for both your drivers and office-based staff. If all of this information is collected manually, it becomes even more challenging.

The forms functionality available with the fleXipod proof of delivery software streamlines mobile data collection processes and enables capture of additional information in a more flexible and cost-effective way than using a paper-based system or an inflexible software solution. With fleXipod forms, you can set up electronic questionnaires to suit your specific business requirements. Forms are presented to your drivers in an easy to follow format on the fleXipod mobile application, with completed form data transmitted back to office-based teams in real-time.

With fleXipod forms you don’t have to:

  • Contend with lost, delayed or inaccurate data.
  • Wait until the end of the day to get visibility of key information.
  • Buy a product specific to your industry in order to fulfil your requirements.
  • Be constrained by any data capture options supplied by the software provider, or
  • Face software change costs and development delays when you want to alter your processes.

Instead, fleXipod forms allow you to:

  • Configure data capture options to fit your specific business requirements – whether that is to suit your industry, comply with regulations, improve customer service, or simply capture proof of delivery.
  • Receive data in real-time in order to deal with customer queries and proactively manage mobile workers.
  • Configure process flows for different depots, products or customer contracts.
  • Make changes and create new processes whenever necessary without incurring extra software change costs.
  • Ensure process compliance in the field even when using agency drivers to supplement your workforce.

How do fleXipod forms work?

fleXipod forms can be quickly created in the browser based management portal by your nominated users, by combining ‘question types’ and ‘trigger points’.

Question types: Determine what information the driver is required to input.

For example, if you require your drivers to take a photo of a damaged item, you would use the ‘Photo capture’ question type. You could also add a ‘Signature capture’ question type to the form if the damage needs to be acknowledged and signed by your customer.

Trigger points: Determine when the form must be completed by the driver.

For example, if you would like your drivers to record daily mileage, then you would create a ‘Daily mileage’ form and associate it with the ‘Log off’ trigger point, so that the driver is prompted to fill out their mileage before logging out of the application at the end of each day.

Question types and trigger points can be combined to create bespoke data capture processes for your operation. Once set up in the central management console, your drivers will be presented with the forms at the stipulated times when using the mobile application. If specified during form set up, drivers will not be able to progress until the necessary data has been collected. Once each form is completed, the data is transmitted to the management console for review by office-based teams.

How our customers use fleXipod forms:

fleXipod forms are used for many purposes across our customer base, but there are some common examples, such as customer satisfaction surveys, installation reports and recycling collection records. Many of our customers also prompt drivers to complete a vehicle checklist at the beginning of their shift.

Brampton Brick – a Canada-based, world leader in brick and concrete stone manufacturing – uses fleXipod forms to solve a key operational challenge. When delivering to large customer sites with multiple drop-off points and entrances, it is important for Brampton Brick to understand exactly where the goods have been delivered. Using fleXipod forms, they are able to capture images of the completed delivery along with exact location data so the customer service team can immediately contact the customer with this information.

Wincanton – the largest British logistics firm – uses fleXipod forms to create tailored process flows to support individual client requirements. This enables Wincanton to offer excellent customer service to their existing clients and differentiate their service offering when bidding for new contracts.

Would your delivery operation benefit from streamlining data collection? Get in touch with one our experienced team to find out how fleXipod forms can support your data capture requirements.

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