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4 ways ePOD software can streamline your inbound customer query process

Customer expectations of delivery communication are more exacting than ever. Once they have placed an order, your customers want to know exactly when their delivery will arrive, how any problems will be rectified if and when they arise, and they do not want to wait for any of this information. If you do not automate this communication, inbound call volumes can be difficult for your customer service resource to manage, whether you have a dedicated call centre or a small customer care team. Reducing inbound call volumes and streamlining the customer query process can:

  • Cut customer call wait times
  • Improve the customer delivery experience
  • Reduce workloads for your customer service staff
  • Free up staff to deal more quickly with complex enquiries

Implementing electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software streamlines your inbound customer query process by automating customer communication and providing access to real-time data. Here’s how it could help your business:

1. Automate customer contact

With ePOD software, you can automate customer delivery notifications, such as SMS time slot reminders on the day of delivery or delivery confirmation emails. With clear and frequent communication, your customers directly receive all of the information they require without needing to contact your office-based teams. These automated customer notifications reduce call volumes while improving the customer delivery experience.

2. Communicate delays in advance

Using the real-time data provided by ePOD software, your customer care teams can identify delivery problems immediately. In cases where these problems cannot be rectified in time, staff can proactively notify the customer. For example, if a vehicle breakdown means that a delivery will be delayed; your team can contact the customer directly, rather than them ringing in when the delivery doesn’t arrive.

3. Deliver necessary details to drivers on-site

Replacing delivery paperwork with an ePOD application ensures your drivers have access to all of the necessary information, including any special instructions enabling them to answer some customer queries while on-site. In addition, using an ePOD application creates a quicker, more professional on-site encounter.

4. Provide real-time data for customer care teams

With paper-based systems, customer care teams are often unaware of any delivery issues until the driver returns to the office or a customer rings to complain about the issue. With ePOD software, office-based staff have real-time access to all of the necessary data so are able to better deal with incoming queries. Access to full delivery details, including any photographs, means that calls are quicker and more efficient, reducing wait times and improving the customer experience.

The fleXipod ePOD software streamlines processes and improves customer service for any mobile workforce operation. For more information or to book a demonstration get in touch today.

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