Centralise your route planning process for multi-site operations

Whether you are delivering products or scheduling services, multiple sites add another layer of complexity to route planning. Paragon Multi Depot retains all of the features of our Single Depot route optimisation software but also enables you to manage route planning for multiple sites in a single task, reducing planning time and maximising use of all the vehicles and drivers across your operation.

We understand that every business is different, so your implementation and support consultant will take time during the implementation phase to configure the software settings to fit the way your business works. For example, you can flex depot boundaries automatically to ensure maximum usage of your entire fleet, or allow staff to make improvements to the plan based on their local knowledge.

Operational or strategic planning

Just like our Single Depot software, you can use Paragon Multi Depot to carry out operational planning or strategic modelling of potential business scenarios. For example, the location of new depots, or consolidation of existing depots into a more streamlined distribution network, can all be modelled to allow you to understand the cost to serve your customers.

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Problems solved

  • Optimise use of operation-wide resources to maximise efficiency
  • Centralise planning and reduce planning time
  • Increase visibility of your transport operation
  • Cut miles and transport costs
  • Decrease overtime and spot-hire costs
  • Provide more accurate arrival times to your customers
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