Make informed strategic decisions about depot locations

Fastnet enables you to determine the best network of depots and trunking movements to satisfy your distribution requirements in the most cost effective way. Presenting you with accurate cost figures based on your own transport data, Fastnet helps you objectively evaluate alternative distribution network models and calculate transport resource requirements for each scenario, leading to better informed business decisions and more accurate 3PL quotes.

How will this help my transport operation?

Fastnet calculates the optimum distribution strategy based on the user defined constraints and costs. It enables you to specify the costs and workloads for each of your depots required to fulfil your orders. Then our route optimisers determine the most cost effective allocation of delivery points to depots. This means you can model your whole distribution network – from depot location through to customer allocation, evaluating all the cost implications and benefits for multiple distribution network scenarios, helping you build your business case for change or 3PL quotation.

Used for business growth, 3PL quotation or distribution network improvement purposes, Fastnet helps you evaluate a range of network options including: direct distribution from a central site; distribution from a number of stockholding depots; and distribution via a central warehouse feeding a number of stockless satellite locations. In each case Fastnet recommends how many and which sites you should use, and allocates delivery points to depots.

Problems solved

  • Identify best choice depots
  • Model the impact of change
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Review customer allocation
  • Review cost to serve
  • Save money through better planning
  • Be more proactive in evaluating change
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