Produce efficient truck schedules to meet customer delivery profile needs

Multi Period Planner allocates multi-frequency deliveries to days, over a multi-week planning horizon. It takes account of acceptable day patterns, volume profiles and delivery frequencies ranging from daily to monthly or more then allocates deliveries balancing the overall distribution workload across the planning period. It will also ensure deliveries are clustered geographically and that the required period in-between deliveries to the same customer are maintained.

How will this help my transport operation?

This flexible module can be used to help add new customers into an existing fixed delivery schedule, or to plan completely new delivery patterns. Equally major customers can be fixed to their current negotiated delivery days, while others are allowed to float, and will be allocated automatically to achieve a level workload across the week.

The software offers planning for both a balanced order profile or for a graduated profile such as that encountered in retail distribution, where a customer orders 30% of the weekly volume for their first delivery in a week and 70% in their second.

Problem solved

  • Balance the workload over a given period
  • Cluster deliveries efficiently
  • Save money through improved routing
  • Spread work evenly across your planning period
  • Allocate multiple deliveries to days
  • Route vehicles with better results
  • Be prepared for busy peak periods
  • Produce reliable results
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