Reduce your transport costs with more accurate routes

Paragon Single Depot is our most widely used route optimisation software. It enables operations with 10 to 100s of vehicles to maximise use of their drivers and vehicles, reduce transport costs and improve the accuracy of their transport plans.

Whatever you need to move, our route optimisation software will streamline your planning process by managing all of the different types of data in your distribution operation from customer locations to driver shifts and product sizes in a single planning exercise. If you’re moving from a manual planning process to route optimisation software, then your planning time is likely to be cut from hours to minutes.

Paragon Single Depot will enable you to plan feasible transport plans that provide a fair workload for all of your drivers. It will also allow you to provide more accurate information to your customers with realistic arrival times that your drivers can achieve.

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Problems solved

  • Maximises use of all drivers and vehicles
  • Cuts miles and transport costs
  • Reduces planning time from hours to minutes
  • Provides more accurate arrival times
  • Increases visibility of your transport operation
  • Reduces carbon emissions
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