Treat all your vehicles as one shared fleet

If you are responsible for planning complex operations involving multiple sites and 10s, if not 100s, of vehicles that can pick up and deliver from more than one site then Integrated Fleets is most likely to be the Paragon route optimisation software for you.

Integrated Fleets adds a further level of sophistication to our existing multi-site transport optimisation capabilities, by enabling vehicles at multiple sites to be treated as a single integrated transport resource. Vehicle movements to and from different locations can be combined into efficient distribution routes to maximise the performance of the fleet and reduce inefficiencies such as empty running.

Operational or strategic planning

As with Paragon Single Depot and Paragon Multi Depot, you can use Paragon Integrated Fleets to conduct both your daily route planning and strategic modelling to identify further cost savings, or evaluate the impact of potential changes on your transport costs.

Download the Integrated Fleets datasheet

Problems solved

  • Manage collections and deliveries in a single plan
  • Generate routes with efficient backloads
  • Maximise use of all of your vehicles and drivers
  • Reduce empty mileage
  • Combine primary and secondary distribution
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