Business modelling and strategic planning

Whether your transport operation is a 3PL making deliveries on behalf of multiple customers, or an owner-operated fleet used to distribute your own products, it’s important to step back from the day to day running of your transport operation and carry out regular strategic reviews.

When you buy Paragon’s route optimisation software, you can use your Single Depot, Multi Depot or Integrated Fleets system to carry out your daily planning but you can also use the same system strategically to identify operational improvements and cost savings. Identifying issues like empty running, under utilisation of drivers or excess mileage can all contribute to significant cost reductions in your transport operation.

If you are a 3PL using Paragon as a business development tool then you can opt for a strategic licence to carry out what-if scenarios to help you close new contracts.

High-level business modelling for transport operations

If you want to take your strategic planning one step further then you can extend your Paragon solution with one of our high-level strategic planning modules. For example, Fastnet can help you calculate the impact of a new depot, or Territory Optimiser can ensure your deliveries are balanced equally across regions and drivers.

Problems solved

  • Make informed business decisions that reduce costs and improve customer service
  • Evaluate the impact on your bottom line of changes to your distribution network
  • Understand the financial impact of potential new depot locations
  • Balance the distribution of your workload across the planning period
  • Balance workloads across territories for efficient use of vehicles and drivers
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