Make better use of your drivers

Territory Optimiser enables logistics and field service companies to divide their delivery or service regions into compact zones with balanced workloads. Ideal if you service different areas on different days of the week, or favour the service benefits of giving your customers a regular driver, Territory Optimiser enables high levels of productivity and efficiency to be maintained.

How will this help my transport operation?

Territory Optimiser is an ideal flexible planning tool, minimising inter-delivery travel times and providing each of your drivers with the right level of work each day whilst at the same time enabling them to become familiar with both their delivery area and customers.

Our Territory Optimiser delivery routing system uses true road-based journey calculations, taking account of motorways and rivers, for example, to accurately calculate transport workloads and the compactness of each territory.  As a result, it is particularly well-suited to distribution, service and sales organisations in which individual areas may only need to be visited or serviced once a week or which include a wide range of delivery frequencies, or where customers need to be serviced by a regular driver.

Problems solved

  • Calculate compact zones with even workloads
  • Freeze selected zones before optimising routes for a region
  • Reduce transport costs
  • Cluster deliveries efficiently
  • Operations in both Single & Multi depot environments
  • Improve mileage through more efficient route planning
  • Streamline your transport operations
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