Dynamically respond to unplanned events while maintaining customer service levels

Complex operations consisting of hundreds of trailers, tractors and drivers are difficult to keep under control. In a multi-trip environment, delays lead to missed delivery windows and expensive resources becoming under-utilised, as trailers sit waiting in the yard for late-running drivers to return.

Paragon Dynamic Tripping provides a more agile approach to planning that allows transport planners to respond to changing conditions by automatically re-allocating loads as the day progresses. This maximises the utilisation of expensive truck and trailer resources and ensures deliveries and collections are maximised and backloads are efficient.

Problems solved

  • Ensure expensive truck and trailer assets are fully utilised
  • Optimise your transport plan continuously throughout the day
  • More efficient planning of collections and deliveries
  • Maximise fleet usage
  • Minimise the number of drivers, trailers and tractors to run your operation
  • Maximise your ability to meet delivery time windows
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