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5 Benefits of Replacing Paperwork with an ePOD System

We all know that paper-based delivery systems are frustrating for staff and risk important delivery details being mislaid or damaged. However, an electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) system offers you far more than just a paperless delivery process. Here are five other benefits that you might not have considered.

1. Instant access to data

With an electronic proof of delivery system, data from the field is transferred in real-time. This allows office-based teams to immediately complete follow up actions such as reviewing POD data, invoicing or resolving any issues with the customer. In addition, your drivers can use the mobile application to access order and customer details, including any special instructions, without the need to ring into base.

2. Fewer customer disputes

Equipping your mobile workers with an electronic proof of delivery app facilitates the capture of advanced data such as photos and GPS time stamps creating a richer data set for each order and reducing the likelihood of customer disputes. For example, drivers can take pictures of delivered items in place or record GPS time stamped details of blocked access to a customer address.

3. Automated processes

The real-time transmission of data from the field reduces manual data entry for your office-based teams while integration with other systems can further increase productivity. An advanced electronic proof of delivery system can also automate key processes such as pre-delivery customer notifications or real-time customer delivery tracking, reduce inbound call volumes and free up additional administrative resource.

4. Improved on-site offering

Removing paperwork from your on-site delivery offering creates a more professional image and increases the efficiency of data collection. An electronic proof of delivery app also guides your drivers through consistent on-site processes and can prompt them to complete added-value services such as installation or packaging removal.

5. Increased productivity of mobile staff

Streamlined electronic processes using a familiar smartphone format allow your mobile workers to progress through delivery steps quickly, usually without the need to ring in to base. This increased on-site efficiency can lead to the completion of more jobs per day or can free up time for the introduction of new customer service initiatives, such as collecting customer surveys on-site or offering added-value services.

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