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A long way from just a signature – types of data capture for your operation

As little as 3 years ago, ‘sign on glass’ meant just that – the simple capture of a customer signature, typically on a rugged handheld device. Now mobile workers can use a wide range of devices to capture signature, signatory name, photographs and additional notes. The ease with which that data is captured has also advanced enormously with the ability to build customisable questionnaires using radio buttons and checkbox lists, free text entry, data/ time and numeric capture.

The variety of options available in today’s proof of delivery systems allow you to tailor your data capture requirements for different products, services or customer contracts. For example, for high value items you may wish to capture a photo of the product in situ or for an installation task you may require a customer signature to confirm the receipt of safety instructions. If you are a 3PL operating a multi-client home delivery operation, then the various types of data capture available can be tailored to provide the level of delivery detail each customer expects.

In addition to capturing the proof of delivery data needed from the on-site encounter, the flexibility of systems like Paragon’s fleXipod software allows you to configure purely operational data capture points throughout the day. From vehicle checklists at the start of the day and ad-hoc accident forms to customer satisfaction surveys and temperature checks for perishable goods, operational data capture is configurable to suit your individual business requirements. Implementing a range of simple data capture procedures can reduce paperwork throughout your operation and streamline business processes.

Proof of delivery has evolved from signatures on paper delivery notes, through electronic signatures captured on rugged handheld devices, to signatures, photos and forms all captured easily on a wide range of devices. Using a market leading solution like the fleXipod proof of delivery system, your mobile workforce can improve customer service, streamline business processes and optimise workforce productivity with advanced data capture functionality. Get in touch to find out how fleXipod can help you capture the necessary data to achieve your business goals.

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