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Shopping for a Proof of Delivery Solution: A Checklist

So you have identified areas for improvement in your operation and decided that a proof of delivery solution can help you address them. Now you must select a solution that will fulfil your business objectives while also being easy to use for your staff in the office and the field.

With multiple providers promoting a host of features and benefits, and a variety of stakeholders within your organisation to consider, it can be difficult to evaluate the options available and decide which one is best for your operation.

To help you simplify this process, we have put together a checklist of common requirements we have encountered when speaking to prospective customers.

1. User-friendly interface

Whether it is the mobile application that your drivers will use or the management portal that your office-based staff will access, it is important to ensure that each aspect of the system has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. As well as making life easier for your staff, this will also help ensure speedy ROI by reducing the need for lengthy training and facilitating quick adoption.

2. System configurability

Every organisation has different operational processes. Choosing a solution that allows you to easily tailor workflows, data capture requirements and even terminology to suit your business goals is important. If system configuration is controlled by the vendor, changes may incur costs and create delays.

3. Variety of data capture options

Choosing a proof of delivery solution that provides advanced data capture options can help you satisfy the interests of various business departments with one system. For example, capturing customer satisfaction surveys as well as daily vehicle checklists will enable you to satisfy customer service objectives while streamlining operational processes and simplifying legal requirements.

4. Ease of implementation

It is important to understand what the implementation process will involve, including the integration methods available, the support and training on offer and what is required of your team before go-live is possible. There is often a perception that software projects are time consuming or complicated, however, implementing a proof of delivery solution should be a simple process.

5. Additional functionality

With a range of features on offer beyond simple data capture, focusing on your business objectives will help you shortlist. For example, you may wish to send customer delivery notifications, allow drivers to manage their breaks while out on the road or use exception alerting functionality for high priority issues. Identifying which solutions cover the highest number of your requirements will help ensure you end up with a system that meets your needs in the long term.

6. Device compatibility

Mobile device requirements can influence your software selection, e.g. the need for barcode scanning functionality or mobile devices already in use in the field. Starting with your device requirements will help you to shortlist your software options. Choosing the right proof of delivery device for your business can also help speed up driver adoption and improve the on-site service for your customers.

7. Credentials of the supplier

Used properly a proof of delivery solution can really make a difference to your business. But choosing the right supplier can be just as important as selecting the right solution. Which other organisations use their solution? Do they retain customers for a long time? Is there commitment to investing in the product roadmap? Getting to know the supplier will ensure you choose a partner that will continue to support your business as it grows.

Researching and selecting a proof of delivery provider does not have to be complex. With this checklist and a clear understanding of your specific business objectives, you should be able to easily evaluate whether each solution – and supplier – meets your criteria.

To find out if the Paragon fleXipod solution is the right fit for your business, get in touch with one of our experienced team or arrange a visit to our Technology Centre to see the system in action.

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