The third exciting new feature that we will be adding in the upcoming release of the fleXipod proof of delivery software is an exception alerting function.

Exception alerting

We have added an alert function into the fleXipod software, allowing your central team to be immediately notified if an exception occurs out in the field. While all failed deliveries or problems on-site are recorded within the fleXipod central management console, to date there has been no direct notification of high priority issues.

This new feature facilitates rapid resolution of what your business defines as high priority delivery issues.

Unread alerts will be highlighted with a red notification lozenge in the main menu of the central management console ensuring that central office staff are notified directly of problems in the field rather than needing to manually review the incoming data stream for irregularities. Alerts can be configured to flag any business specific circumstance that you wish to prioritise as requiring urgent resolution.

You will be able to set up alerts to trigger in two ways:

  • When your mobile worker answers a specified form question. For example, if they complete the first question in an ad-hoc accident form
  • Or if your mobile worker answers a specified closed question. For example, if they choose ‘No’ in answer to, ‘Are your tyres in a reasonable condition?’ on a vehicle checklist form

The new alert functionality is just one of many new features available in the next release of the fleXipod proof of delivery software.

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