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New fleXipod feature: Recording vehicle registration number

With only two weeks to go until the latest release of the fleXipod mobile proof of delivery software we are bringing you a final preview of another enhancement we have made to the software, designed to make managing your mobile workforce easier.

Recording vehicle registration number

We have created a new field within our forms module to store a vehicle registration against a job list.

Commonly, fleXipod users are recording the vehicle registration at the beginning of the day on a form attached to the Start Manifest event. To make this information more accessible we have created a specific field to store the vehicle registration number.

Central console users will be able to stipulate that when vehicle registration data is entered as an answer to the relevant form question it is stored within the vehicle registration field. The registration number will then be associated with that specific job list and will also now display on the route job list screen.

Paragon Software Systems announces recording vehicle registration number feature in fleXipod

To further expand this functionality, you will also be able to specify if you require any other form answers to be stored in one of the user definable attribute fields. For example, if you have a customer satisfaction survey attached to each job, central staff could have immediate visibility of the answer to ‘Driver Service Score?’ on the job details screen.

The new alert functionality is just one of many new features available in the next release of fleXipod. To find out more about the feature available with the fleXipod proof of delivery software visit one of these pages:

Central management console – find out about the features available to your office-based teams and managers.

Mobile application – explore the functionality that your drivers will use out on the road.

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