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How Can the fleXipod System Support You in the Field?

Proof of delivery systems can be used in a wide variety of mobile workforce operations from retail and 3PL to waste management and community nursing. Here at Paragon, we recognise that requirements will vary from industry to industry. We have designed the fleXipod proof of delivery system to be as flexible as possible, with a variety of configurable features to support the requirements of a wide range of field service operations.

Here are 4 features of the fleXipod system that are particularly useful for field service organisations:

Customisable workflows – For field service operations, outcomes can vary far beyond the standard delivery success or failure, which means accurate reporting can be difficult to control across your operation. To enable more accurate data capture, the fleXipod workflows are completely configurable and can be edited at any time by your operational managers within the central management console to reflect your organisation’s specific needs. Once configured, your mobile workers will be guided through the data capture processes created by your office-based staff, for example taking a photograph of the location if nobody is present, or capturing additional notes following an installation.

User definable terminology – We have designed the fleXipod user interfaces to be as simple and user friendly as possible. It is easy to amend both the application and central management console to reflect your organisation’s preferred terminology. You can adjust the names of menu items within the central management console to suit your organisation – for example, by default, lists of jobs within fleXipod are called ‘Manifests’, you could change this to ‘Job Lists’ or ‘Run Sheets’. The terminology that is presented to your mobile workers can be adjusted, such as changing the ‘Delivery’ tab on the application to say ‘Installation’. All of these changes can be made without incurring additional costs and can be updated and rolled out immediately.

Configurable forms – Field service operations often require more complex or detailed data capture than just a signature. With fleXipod you are able to set up completely customisable data capture questionnaires so that your mobile workers can record exactly the information you need when out in the field. fleXipod provides a wide range of question types including signature, photograph, checkboxes, numeric and free text entry to create business specific forms such as vehicle checklists, inspection reports and health and safety surveys.

Device compatibility – The fleXipod proof of delivery application is designed for the Android operating system to ensure our customers have a wide range of device choices including smartphones, tablets, rugged mobile enterprise devices and SatNav units. If you are already providing Android devices for your mobile workers, the fleXipod application can be easily installed on your existing devices alongside any other business applications.

For more information on how the fleXipod proof of delivery software can support your field service operation get in touch with our team.

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