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Process control: how do I ensure my mobile workers follow procedure in the field?

Whether your mobile workforce is delivering goods or carrying out on-site services like installations and repairs, driving procedural compliance is a key concern for all field-based operations. While measures such as training and incentive schemes can encourage your mobile workers to follow set procedures, field activities remain beyond your control with limited visibility of completed actions.

Using advanced electronic proof of delivery software enables improved job management by your office-based teams, allowing them to create workflows that must be followed in the field. Once completed, mobile activities can be audited by your central staff in real-time, giving you increased job management control.

So, how can electronic proof of delivery software help?

Service quality management

Equipping your mobile workers with the right electronic proof of delivery app ensures that they are each presented with the same step-by-step process to follow. Choosing an app that will not allow progression until the required actions have been completed can ensure your procedures are followed consistently. For example, third party logistics providers could set up different workflows for separate customer contracts, or by product type, allowing confident provision of the data your customers require.

Electronic proof of delivery software can also help you enforce actions that are important to your brand’s customer service experience. For example, you could use a proof of delivery app to prompt your mobile workers to remove packaging from customer sites or collect customer feedback before proceeding to the next job.

Legal compliance

Choosing proof of delivery software with advanced functionality can also guarantee that any legal requirements you have are completed by your mobile workers and recorded electronically for later use. For example, a proof of delivery app can force mobile workers to complete vehicle roadworthiness checks before providing them with the day’s job list, or prompt them to record temperatures for fresh produce triggering different workflows if the supplied answer is not within acceptable limits.

In addition to legal requirements, this functionality can also be used to record detailed data for specific products, service types or on-site processes. Organisations handling controlled substances, such as chemicals or drugs, need to ensure that mobile workers collect the required data and office-based teams receive full details in real-time.

To find out how proof of delivery software can help your operation gain control and real-time visibility of mobile activities get in touch with one of our experienced team.

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