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How vehicle routing software reduces your carbon footprint

Here are several ways routing software can reduce fuel consumption:

Plan more efficient routes.

This is the number one way to reduce fuel consumption with routing software. Instead of rudimentary manual planning, routes are planned and executed using sophisticated algorithms configured specifically for the needs of your delivery operation. It’s a plain case of computers being more capable than humans at dealing with the almost infinite number of route options. The software is designed to reduce route time and, most often but not always, this will reduce miles and fuel costs.

Reduce delays and unnecessary idling.

Increased accuracy of planning means you can be far more precise in arrival times at delivery destinations. When your fleet gains a reputation for consistently hitting agreed time windows, deliveries are processed faster. That means your drivers deliver quicker, can be on their way faster, and can fit more deliveries into a day. You save fuel because your trucks are not idling in line. Also, there’s a better chance that your driver will be able to deliver all loads as planned, avoiding the need to postpone deliveries to the next day or to outside carriers.

Monitor routes and address non-compliance.

When you combine route planning with Route Execution, enabled by telematics, you can monitor actual routes taken against plan. This means you can identify habitual delays or diversions from plan, generating the opportunity to fix problems and increase efficiency (and reduce fuel usage) further.

Plan strategic changes.

One of the less frequently considered upsides of vehicle routing software is the ability to use the tool to measure the benefits of strategic changes – before they are implemented. For instance, what would be the impact on delivery time, miles and fuel usage from the impact of tighter delivery windows or a different fleet mix? Routing software can model any number of “what if” scenarios to find great new ways to serve customers, while reducing fuel usage, time and money.

The pressure to embrace sustainable freight practices will only increase

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