Last week we released version 1.0.044 of the fleXipod central management console and version 5.0.11 of the Android application. Our team of developers have made some changes to improve user experience when viewing items within a drop including a new responsive design, additional search filters, and enhanced column options. We’ve also added some new form functionality that we think you will find useful.

Enhanced workflow outcomes for decimal question responses

When your mobile worker answers a question with a decimal value, the fleXipod ePOD software can now recognise if that value is within the acceptable range you have specified within the central management console. You can also now automatically trigger different actions depending on the value entered by your mobile worker.

This new functionality gives you tighter control over mobile workflows and ensures set procedures are followed consistently. For example, for perishable goods where temperature readings are required and items outside of a set temperature range are deemed a failed delivery, you may wish to have more control over the outcomes available to your mobile workers. Here, if the temperature inputted by your mobile worker falls within an unacceptable range the fleXipod software will force the mobile worker to comply with your business processes, such as:

When the temperature entered is: Change outcome to:
-2.00 to 1.99 Ring the centre for authorisation code
2.00 to 8.00 End form with successful debrief
8.01 to 11.00 End form and change debrief reason


The possible outcomes are as follows:

  • Automatically end the form, processing the item or job as successful
  • Automatically fail the item or job using a specified failure reason
  • Prompt mobile worker to choose an alternative failure reason
  • Prompt mobile worker for authorisation code (provided by central staff) in order to proceed
  • Automatically end the form without taking any action: item or job will not be processed as debriefed

If you want to know more about this new feature or any of the other fleXipod ePOD functionality, get in touch with the team on +44 (0) 1306 732600 or email

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