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New fleXipod feature: Driver break functionality

Paragon has released a new feature within the fleXipod proof of delivery software to improve management of driver breaks.

If your job lists include driver breaks, such as meal or rest stops, this information can now be uploaded into fleXipod alongside the data for each job. Alternatively, breaks can be added manually within the central management console.

The new functionality will increase the accuracy of estimated arrival times, provide office-based staff visibility of driver breaks and make it easier for drivers to manage their breaks while out on the road.

Managing driver breaks on the fleXipod mobile application

When a driver opens their daily job list in the fleXipod mobile application, any breaks that have been planned will be displayed in the appropriate order. When the driver chooses to begin a break, the application will display the time remaining and will not permit the driver to start another job until the break has finished. The time remaining counter will display even if the driver navigates away from the in-progress break screen to complete non-debrief tasks such as checking messages or completing ad-hoc forms. An alarm will sound to alert the driver when the remaining time has elapsed and the break is over.

Paragon Software Systems announces driver break functionality in fleXipod

Viewing driver break information in the fleXipod central management console

Office-based staff will be able to view driver break information within the fleXipod central management console. On the job list detail screen, breaks will be listed along with the rest of the delivery or collection jobs.

Paragon Software Systems announces driver break functionality in fleXipod

Driver breaks will also be visually represented on the overview screen, with start and end times available if the break has been completed.

Paragon Software Systems announces driver break functionality in fleXipod

Moving breaks

Drivers will be able to move breaks to different positions within the job list if necessary. For example, if a driver is due a break following the next delivery, but has been stuck in traffic and is now legally required to take a break, they will be able to move the break within fleXipod to occur before the next delivery. Information about breaks that have been moved will be transmitted back to the central management console. This functionality gives office-based staff enhanced visibility of mobile activities and increases the accuracy of estimated times of arrival and automated customer notifications.

For more information about the functionality available within the fleXipod proof of delivery software speak to one of our experienced team or download the fleXipod datasheet.

If you are an existing fleXipod customer you can log in to the fleXipod Wiki to view detailed notes about the latest release.

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