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New fleXipod functionality and software update

This week we released version 5.0.9 of the fleXipod proof of delivery app and version 1.0.042 of the central management console, providing a range of new and enhanced functionality to the fleXipod system. Below are just some of the changes that have been implemented and are now available in all live fleXipod environments.


The fleXipod system can now process groups of items (such as shipping units and pallets) in addition to individual items.

There are 3 available options to choose from:

  • Item Level – The user will be forced to process items individually.
  • Container Level Only – Items must be processed at container level, it is not possible to complete part of a container separately. It will still be possible to view the item contents of a container on the device.
  • Container and Item Level – The user can choose to debrief at container or item level.

The ability to debrief large groups of items at once will make the on-site process easier and faster for your mobile workers, whilst retaining the ability to debrief at item level will allow for detailed data capture for any exceptions.

Paragon Software Systems releases version 5.0.9 of fleXipod proof of delivery app

Forms – Changes to question prompt types

Two additional question prompt types have been added to the forms module.

Item Display – triggers a screen detailing the items debriefed within a drop for a driver to review. This screen can display:

  • All items
  • Confirmed Items
  • Failed Items
  • Successful Items

Authorisation Code – a prompt to request a code before proceeding with an action e.g. in order to confirm debriefed items as ‘failures’.

Paragon Software Systems releases version 5.0.9 of fleXipod proof of delivery app

Signature Capture – The Signature Capture prompt has also been enhanced allowing you to customise the information displayed, including the option to display product/task details:

Paragon Software Systems releases version 5.0.9 of fleXipod proof of delivery app

Forms – Advanced triggers

In addition to the existing form triggers (such as logon/off and start/end of manifest) two additional ‘advanced’ triggers have been added.

Basic – Always triggers the form when assigned to a specific debrief code. Basic trigger forms can be added at any point during the job debrief process:

  • Before the final customer signature
  • Before the final photo capture
  • Before the final detail capture
  • Just before job completion occurs (end of the debrief chain of events)

Conditional – Triggered on two conditions:

  • An Item Attribute – you can define 1-10 item level attributes to trigger a form when a specific item is debriefed.
  • A Manual Action – there is currently only one manual action defined – if a driver chooses to manually debrief an item/container rather than using a scanner.

Vehicle Content Check

Ability to scan or manually enter a code to search for matching drops on outstanding or in progress manifests on the device. This functionality can be used for drivers to quickly ensure they take their assigned vehicle before setting off from the depot.

Paragon Software Systems releases version 5.0.9 of fleXipod proof of delivery app

Existing customers can log in to the fleXipod Wiki to view detailed release notes on all of the above functionality here:

Central management console release notes

Mobile app release notes

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