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Whitepaper: 5 Reasons Why You Should Implement POD Software

With customer demands increasing and rising pressure to reduce costs, operational managers in both goods and service delivery operations are turning to technology to help them streamline processes and differentiate their service.

With a simple implementation process and benefits available from day one, proof of delivery software is a low risk solution that helps you enhance the customer delivery experience while increasing operational efficiency.

Here are the 5 most common benefits of implementing proof of delivery software our customers report:

1. Improve customer service

Equipping your drivers with a proof of delivery application to use on their handheld device helps create a professional on-site experience and ensures consistency in each delivery interaction. Using ePOD software, you are also able to automate ETA notifications to keep your customer informed throughout the delivery journey.

2. Increase operational efficiency

Proof of delivery software provides a range of ways to optimise operational processes and increase efficiency including streamlined field processes, exception alerting, automated customer communication and simplified communication between internal teams.

3. Remove delivery paperwork

Replacing paperwork with an electronic proof of delivery application simplifies processes for your mobile workers, removing the risk of lost or inaccurate data. Data is then available in real-time for office-based staff who no longer have to wait for drivers to return to base with paperwork speeding up subsequent processes such as billing and stock management.

4. Enhance real-time visibility

Immediate visibility of all data from the field enables your office-based staff to respond proactively to any customer service issues with the most up to date and accurate information. In addition, real-time data helps operational teams manage mobile workforces more efficiently.

5. Optimise workforce productivity

A proof of delivery system can help ensure your delivery resource is focussed on your highest value tasks by reducing manual administration and streamlining on-site processes and reducing inbound call volumes. The availability of reporting data also provides insights for ongoing workforce productivity improvements.

To find out more about each of these benefits, and understand if proof of delivery software would be a good fit for your business, download our latest whitepaper 5 reasons why you should implement proof of delivery software

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