Make sure your transport plans are achievable for your drivers

Bridge strikes can cost transport operators a lot of money each year in fines and result in lost productivity while damaged vehicles are repaired. While extra miles created by detours to avoid low bridges or roads with weight restrictions can add to the fuel bill and lead to late arrivals at the customer site.

How can Truck Attribute Data help my route optimisation plan?

By using Truck Attribute Data with your Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition, you can more easily create achievable transport plans that avoid truck restrictions such as low bridges, or roads where weight restrictions apply. The route optimisation plan will automatically calculate transport plans that prevent detours, reducing mileage and streamlining the creation of cost effective, feasible transport plans.

This software module provides truck attribute data (height, weight, width and length) for use with the standard Paragon map or street level map. This enables this restriction information to be applied to roads within Paragon.

Problems solved

  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce costly detours
  • Improve schedule planning accuracy
  • Enhance mixed fleet scheduling
  • Send a suitable vehicle to each location
  • Plan suitable routes for your vehicles
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