Pirelli has reported a diversity of benefits arising from Exel’s implementation of Paragon, the UK’s leading vehicle routing and scheduling system. The dynamic daily planning of Pirelli’s nationwide distribution operation has enabled the tyre manufacturer to deliver the cost and time savings critical to success in this exceptionally competitive sector characterised by falling product prices and rising service requirements.

Key to the implementation’s success was the fact that the entire route planning process could be completed in 2.5 hours rather than the previous 6 hours. “Paragon has far greater detail and is much faster than the routing system Pirelli used to use,” says Michael Ward, Exel’s scheduler for Pirelli. “I also value its flexibility, which means I can transfer calls quickly, and its reports, which I refer to constantly to ensure we’re using vehicles to the full and routing drivers to get in as many calls as possible.”

“Paragon enables faster route scheduling, which results in earlier loading times which in turn helps Pirelli meet next day requirements,” says David Glossop, Pirelli’s Distribution Manager. “We have found the routes to be very accurate therefore enabling Exel to make the most effective use of their fleet, resulting in a cost-effective solution for Pirelli.”

According to Exel’s Account Manager Simon Nelson, Paragon’s benefits are not confined to its route planning efficiencies. “Paragon routing software enables us to release the load details to the warehouse several hours earlier than previously. The greater time available for picking and loading allows more efficient use of warehouse resources. The trunking vehicles depart from Burton significantly earlier than before, which enables Exel to provide an extremely high next day service level to Pirelli.”

Pirelli is able to benefit from Paragon’s extensive experience of implementing its routing and scheduling solutions in the automotive sector, joining existing clients including General Motors, Tenneco Automotive and Unipart.

Pirelli benefits from Paragon's routing and scheduling software