Paragon Software Systems’ routing and scheduling solution is helping West House Transport to deliver on its promise of complete customer satisfaction.

The company’s core fleet of around 25 local distribution vehicles delivers on behalf of several tyre manufacturers to major tyre chains and outlets in the South and South West UK, from Portsmouth and Southampton through to Cornwall and South Wales.

Paragon’s Single Depot transport optimisation solution holds details of customer addresses, delivery quantities, time windows, vehicle sizes, driver shift details and other transport parameters. Using a highly developed algorithm designed specifically for optimising road-based transport operations, Paragon’s software uses digital mapping to calculate the most effective delivery and collection sequences with accurate journey times, allocating loads to appropriate vehicles and drivers, while maximising productivity.

West House Transport receives delivery data in a variety of different formats during the evening before delivery. As volumes increased, and with seasonal volumes being very erratic, it became difficult to plan efficiently within the tight deadlines, and the company also wished to introduce greater discipline and standardisation into its planning operations.

In West House Transport’s case, the Paragon solution is integrated with HERE street level mapping and INRIX-based road speed data, which includes calculated average speed based on a history of approximately 2 billion gps observations per year. Overall, the solution provides street level routing and traffic information to produce more accurate and realistic routes and achievable schedules for the fleet, which makes around 2,500 customer deliveries every week. The software also accommodates an unlimited number of contractor vehicles, which are utilised to cope with seasonal high volumes.

“Complete customer satisfaction is always our first priority, and we work hard to ensure that our customers get the standards of service they require. This is reflected in our high levels of contract renewal and customer retention,” said Ray Gallop, Director, West House Transport.

Currently operating out of its Bristol depot, the company plans to expand the solution to its Swansea and Plymouth depots as well.

West House Transport deliver on promise of complete customer satisfaction with Paragon's routing and scheduling software