Paragon is offering new ‘Arrivals Board’ functionality for all of its routing and scheduling systems that link to satellite vehicle tracking using Paragon Route Execution.

This provides continually updated visual ETAs to store staff, informing them when the delivery will arrive and precisely what is on the vehicle. The new functionality prevents time wasting and reduces labour costs; staff can continue with other duties right up to the time the vehicle is due on site and it eliminates the need for having extra staff on standby.

The Arrivals Board also makes it easier to manage multiple deliveries by ensuring enough people are available to handle offloading and for turning the vehicles around on time.

Users access the Arrivals Board over the web using any Internet-linked display such as large plasma or LCD screens in transport offices, desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. It is extremely user friendly and only shows the information that in-store delivery teams need: such as the vehicle ID, ETA, type of delivery, and delivery volume on board for the store.

“We have a number of Arrivals Boards already in use by various customers and they have found them extremely useful. All they have to do is access the website with their log-in details, and click on their store to see what is happening in real time. They benefit from being able to see when their deliveries will arrive and they can be ready and prepared to unload the trucks when they reach their destination. No one has to wait around as the ETAs are continually updated from the live link via Route Execution to the vehicle tracking system,” says William Salter, Managing Director, Paragon Software Systems.

“Using the Arrivals Board further enhances transport optimisation as it ensures the in-store delivery process runs smoothly and cost-effectively. This avoids unloading delays and helps keep the deliveries on plan, which is essential in minimising the cost of the delivery operation. This is just one of the many product developments we have undertaken to support our customers and it demonstrates the flexibility of our software and ability to meet changing requirements. Feedback from current users tells us the Arrivals Boards are making a big difference to store efficiency and we hope that other companies will take advantage of this easy to use web-based tool,” he adds.

Paragon Software Systems optimises store delivery efficiency with new Arrivals Board functionality