Pennine Stone, the foremost manufacturer of architectural cast stone in the UK, has implemented Paragon’s proof of delivery system fleXipod to reduce delivery paperwork, increase operational data visibility and improve customer service.

Pennine selected the fleXipod system to simplify data capture processes and provide a more professional and consistent on-site customer experience. It replaces a previous paper-based system that the company’s mobile teams used to collect proof of delivery data, reducing manual data entry for office-based staff and improving overall operational visibility.

With a complex operation including two-day routes and nationwide deliveries, Pennine needed a system to provide accurate data in real-time from the field. Mobile workers are now able to collect both delivery data and operational information throughout the day on the easy-to-use fleXipod mobile application, so the company can keep track of all activities and better meet the needs of its customers.

Pennine uses the fleXipod proof of delivery system to enhance its service offering and reduce the volume of inbound customer queries. Using the fleXipod system it sends SMS notifications each morning to inform customers that their delivery is scheduled for that day and automatically emails proof of delivery reports when a job has been completed. All of the information collected on-site is also transmitted to the fleXipod central management console in real-time allowing office-based staff to proactively address any service issues and if necessary contact the customer to quickly resolve delivery problems.

Richard Walsh, Managing Director at Pennine Stone commented: “Our commitment to producing and delivering quality stone within the timescales demanded by national housebuilders and major construction companies is a critical part of what differentiates the business. We wanted to reduce delivery paperwork and the amount of time it takes to obtain signatures when delivering goods, so selected fleXipod as a user-friendly and cost-effective way of achieving these objectives.”

“Our transport department is already finding the ability to view live data relating to what has happened in the field very useful and our customers value the immediate receipt of the digital proof of delivery document. The fleXipod system is helping reduce paperwork, save time and give us greater real-time visibility of our delivery information.”

William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems said: “For companies like Pennine Stone that need accurate real-time data about mobile activities, paper-based systems can be time-consuming, unreliable and frustrating for staff. Our advanced proof of delivery system has been designed to resolve some of these common headaches with immediate data transfer between the user-friendly mobile application and configurable central management console.

Pennie Stone reducing paperwork with fleXipod proof of delivery system