Product Care, a high-quality delivery and aftercare service, is increasing the efficiency of its operational and customer service processes with the adoption of an advanced electronic proof of delivery solution. The company will use Paragon’s fleXipod software to gain increased visibility of field activity and enhance control over its one-and two-man home delivery service for electrical goods.

“We wanted a paperless system that would simplify our last mile operational procedures, enhance service delivery and improve customer experience,” explains Gavin Hamer, Managing Director at Product Care. “In particular, our manual system lead to significant delays in receiving detailed job status data from the field. The real-time data provided by fleXipod will enable us to improve service levels, provide better operational visibility and increase efficiency.”

Product Care’s office-based teams will now have faster access to delivery data while reducing the administration associated with a paper-based system. The fleXipod mobile application will allow the company’s highly-skilled delivery technicians to electronically capture proof of delivery data via handheld devices, with the added ability to input detailed and accurate information on completion. This will enable Product Care to proactively manage daily activity, from its depots in Wigan and Daventry, by tracking orders in real-time and responding quickly to any customer issues.

Where any issues exist, such as damage to a product, the technicians will be able to take photographic evidence which will be automatically available to Product Care’s customer service team along with supporting details. This improved communication process will allow an immediate response to the problem, improving the customer experience and potentially avoiding costly re-deliveries.

Automated guidance will ensure technicians are following the centrally controlled processes for all deliveries and additional services – such as product installation and removal of old appliances – leading to consistent customer service and operational data capture. Electronic forms will be used to streamline and manage other operational processes including vehicle inspections, which are required as part of the company’s fleet risk management strategy.

“We chose Paragon’s electronic proof of delivery system because it offers a solution that is simple, efficient and reliable, while still allowing us to tailor both the management console and the driver interface to our operational and customer service processes whenever necessary. The implementation and rollout process has run very smoothly, with the team at Paragon always on hand to offer advice, training and support,” added Gavin Hamer.

William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems said: “With rising consumer expectations, it is essential to deliver customer satisfaction in a profitable way. fleXipod is helping a growing number of retailers, 3PLs and service providers to achieve a consistent, professional and efficient doorstep experience, enabling then to gain competitive advantage in a highly-challenging marketplace.”

Last year, Product Care implemented Paragon’s multi-drop routing and scheduling software as part of its commitment to developing a superior white-glove delivery solution. It enabled the company to centralise and integrate its route planning and customer service teams to help better arrange deliveries for approximately 1,000 orders each week.

Product Care uses fleXipod electronic proof of delivery solution to enhance control of home delivery