Sweden’s largest food retailer, ICA, is benefiting from the universal applicability of Paragon routing and scheduling software with integrated real-time vehicle tracking.

Used by ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons for retail store deliveries in the UK, Paragon has been selected by ICA in Sweden where the software is improving on-time delivery performance of the company’s third-party logistics providers.

Paragon is working closely with ICA, implementing a fixed route transport planning solution that will be used to plan and manage deliveries from its five depots to more than 1000 stores across Sweden. The deliveries are made using a distribution fleet of mixed heavy goods vehicles, including double-decker multi-trailer HGVs. The routes they travel can be as long as 1000 km with difficult terrain and temperatures dropping to below -20°C throughout the long winter months. The routing and scheduling software, however, is well able to provide accurate, optimised delivery routes that overcome Sweden’s geographical and meteorological challenges.

Paragon’s routing and scheduling software will be linked with ICA’s R:Com (Blue Tree Systems) vehicle tracking and temperature monitoring system. This will give the distribution team access to new functionality such as real-time vehicle visibility, detailed service performance information and the ability to introduce automated customer ETA notification.

ICA depolys Paragon's routing and scheduling software with integrated real-time vehicle tracking