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5 Ways to Encourage Rapid Driver Adoption of an ePOD App

For many of the operational managers we speak to there is a perception that drivers will resist the adoption of new systems, delaying or even preventing the successful adoption of a proof of delivery app. Of course, driver adoption is critical to a proof of delivery system being used across your delivery operation so engaging drivers is an important step of your project.

By following these five simple steps, you can ease the transition and avoid some common barriers to quick and easy driver adoption.

1. Pick a system with an easy to use interface

Replacing a traditional paper-based system is likely to be a popular move with your drivers. However, you must choose a user-friendly system that makes their mobile activities easier rather than transferring the frustrations associated with paperwork. Taking care to choose a solution that guides drivers through on-site processes in a simple and intuitive way will be particularly valuable if your operation uses agency drivers or sub-contractors.

2. Make life simpler with a single device

If you are already equipping your drivers with a mobile device, pick a solution that can run on that existing hardware. Switching between devices will be irritating and slow for your mobile workers and increase the chance of tasks not being completed. Many advanced proof of delivery apps are available on consumer operating systems like Android so can be implemented on a range of devices including mobile phones and tablets.

3. Choose a solution with a wide range of training resources

There is no substitute for an intuitive and easy to use app; however, ensuring your drivers have access to sufficient training will make them feel comfortable using the app from day one. Training resources could include in-depth train the trainer sessions, online user training, videos tutorials, and ‘How To’ guides. To ensure the long-term success of your proof of delivery implementation it’s important to maintain driver training or allow access to resources for refreshers and guidance on product enhancements. This will include allocating time for them to complete training outside of their usual tasks without affecting driving or personal time.

4. Communicate expected benefits early in the process

During the implementation of an electronic proof of delivery app, it can be beneficial to explain the expected benefits to your drivers. Benefits will include the removal of delivery paperwork, easier ways to capture data about deliveries and less frequent calls into base with simple electronic transfer of information. By making the new system appealing, your drivers are more likely to adopt the new procedures quickly and be keen for the implementation to succeed.

5. Use the system to simplify procedures

An electronic proof of delivery app can transmit delivery data, including signatures, photographs and custom forms to office-based staff in real-time. Using this functionality to simplify existing procedures will streamline the delivery process for your drivers. For example, setting up electronic forms to alert office-based teams of issues in the field will remove the need for drivers to ring into base or spend time at the end of their shift explaining any paperwork that requires inputting into central systems. This will reduce wasted time and frustrations for your drivers while allowing you to feed accurate data into any performance management or reward schemes you may be operating.

Following these five simple steps when implementing an electronic proof of delivery app will encourage rapid driver adoption and lead to quicker realisation of the expected benefits and return on investment. In addition, as the final customer touchpoint in your operation, keeping your drivers happy and removing their procedural frustrations is likely to contribute to a positive on-site customer service offering.

For more information on how the fleXipod proof of delivery app could help you streamline operational processes and improve your on-site customer service, get in touch with one of our experienced team.

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