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5 Ways an ePOD App Can Improve Mobile Workforce Productivity

The operational managers we speak to are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity, but change can often lead to ill-feeling or resistance from the teams they manage. The key to balancing the two lies in streamlining processes, better managing resources, identifying areas for improvement and investing in software which enables you to introduce changes easily. Below, we explain the key ways that implementing the latest electronic proof of delivery software can help you increase productivity.

1. Equipping your mobile workers with an electronic proof of delivery app allows your office-based teams to receive progress updates from the field throughout the day. Knowing the exact GPS location of each of your workforce and job status enables them to manage mobile resources effectively, monitoring adherence to predicted routes, assigning ad hoc jobs to the most appropriate worker and re-directing resources if problems arise.

2. With all delivery data transmitted in real-time, office staff are immediately alerted to any problems in the field, eliminating the need for the driver to return to base. Often, this means that problems can be rectified whilst the driver is still on-site, reducing the number of costly return visits.

3. An electronic proof of delivery app guides your mobile workers through step-by-step screens, removing the administrative effort and risk associated with delivery paperwork. In addition, streamlining on-site processes reduces the time spent on each call, increasing the number of visits that can be completed each day.

4. By using a proof of delivery app you can specify the flexibility available to your mobile workers to boost the productivity of daily schedules and reduce costs. You can choose to have the app force mobile workers to complete jobs in the prescribed sequence in order to meet promised delivery windows. You can also allow your mobile workers to change the sequence of jobs to respond to on-the-day circumstances reducing lost time and increasing the likelihood of successful deliveries.

5. As all of the data is captured electronically on the proof of delivery app it is easy to extract KPIs from across the operation, for individual depots or specific mobile workers. Analysing live data helps identify areas for improvement, enabling you to identify areas for continuous improvement and act quickly to make changes.

Implementing electronic proof of delivery software not only enables immediate process improvements, but also collects data that can be used for longer term analysis and to make monthly, quarterly or annual performance reviews easier. In addition, proof of delivery software can be used to gather immediate customer satisfaction ratings while your driver is still on-site.

Don’t forget, the fleXipod central management console can also increase productivity within your central teams by reducing time spent on unprofitable administrative tasks through automated processes such as customer notifications. For more information on how you can increase the productivity of your workforce, get in touch with one of our team to find out how we can help you.

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