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How POD Software Helps You Adapt for Continuous Improvement

Shifting customer demands, staff feedback, regulatory changes or industry trends can all impact the operational processes you have in place.

Being able to identify areas for improvement quickly, and easily adapt your delivery processes, will enable you to continuously enhance customer service, increase driver retention and reduce costs.

In order to respond quickly, you need real-time information at your fingertips to help you identify problems or opportunities and a mechanism to deploy changes rapidly without going through a complex change management process that affects staff productivity and customer service levels.

Let’s have a look at how proof of delivery software can help you achieve both real-time visibility and rapid deployment…

Identify trends and areas for improvement

With proof of delivery software, all of the data your drivers collect is relayed to office-based teams in real-time. This includes proof of delivery data such as signatures and photos collected at the customer address, as well as operational data gathered throughout the day such as vehicles checklists or risk assessments. Office-based staff can identify and respond to problems as they are happening and build up a comprehensive pool of reporting data for future analysis.

Reporting tools or dashboards provided by proof of delivery software, can then help you manage the performance of your delivery teams and identify trends within your operation.

Deploy changes without costs

With advanced proof of delivery software, the processes that your drivers must follow can be updated immediately from the central management portal without any need for costly software changes or disruptive change management processes. Whether it is an improvement identified through reporting, an issue flagged by your staff or a regulatory change, you are able to implement the change quickly, without disrupting ongoing deliveries.

A proof of delivery application guides your drivers through the centrally controlled processes ensuring procedural compliance throughout your operation even across multiple depots or when using third party drivers. Real-time data feedback from the field then help you evaluate how changes are working, allowing further corrections to be made if necessary.

Implementing proof of delivery software brings a range of day one benefits, but the real power of flexible systems like fleXipod, lies in the ability to continuously evaluate and quickly amend processes ensuring you are getting the most out of the software as your business evolves.

To find out how the fleXipod system can support your operational processes and help improve the customer experience you offer, get in touch with one of our experienced team today.

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