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5 common pitfalls to avoid when choosing a proof of delivery system for your business

The measurable day one benefits and straightforward implementation available with many proof of delivery systems make them a popular option for creating quick and impactful changes to last mile delivery processes.

However, failing to do sufficient research when choosing a system could see you missing out on the benefits you were expecting and ending up with a solution that does not fulfil your requirements. Whether you have to pay for software changes or are forced to replace the system, making the wrong choice can cost you both time and money and leave you lagging behind competitors that got it right.

To help you make the right choice first time, we have compiled 5 common pitfalls to avoid when selecting a proof of delivery system:

1. Not enough flexibility for futureproofing

Whichever system you choose should not only fulfil your day one requirements, but also have the capability to support business growth and enable any strategic or procedural changes you wish to make in the future. Whether you take on a new client contract, want to enhance your customer service offering or need to change processes to comply with new regulations, the system you choose should have the flexibility to support these changes without additional software charges or delays for development.

2. Lengthy or complex implementation

Implementing a proof of delivery solution should not be a complex process. Asking sufficient questions regarding the implementation process will ensure that you do not waste valuable time and money in a lengthy project, complicating employee adoption and delaying ROI. Specific things to understand before investing include what integration methods are available, compatibility with your existing systems, what training is provided and what support you will receive to get up and running.

3. Difficult for drivers to use

It can be easy to focus on the features you need for management and office-based staff, but overlooking ease of use in the field can be a costly mistake. The success of a proof of delivery system implementation is largely dependent on your drivers adopting the new processes and buying into what you are trying to achieve by implementing them, particularly if you use subcontractors in your operation. Choosing a mobile application that is complex or slow could have a negative impact on your on-site customer service and negate any operational efficiency improvements you were expecting.

4. Limited functionality

Many advanced proof of delivery systems now offer far more functionality than simple signature capture. It is important to understand how you could use all of the functionality available from your shortlisted solutions even if you do not want to use it all on day one. Choosing a solution with only basic proof of delivery functionality could leave you with more time-consuming manual processes than necessary or mean that you need to buy additional software at a later stage to complement a basic package.

5. Lack of software development

As customer demands increase, technology advances or regulations change, even a great system can quickly become out of date. Choosing a provider that does not have a strong research and development commitment could see you falling behind competitors. Be sure to enquire about the frequency of updates and confirm that deployment is simple and additional costs will not be incurred.

Done properly implementing a proof of delivery solution should be a straightforward process that brings measurable day one benefits and enables long-term strategic improvements to your operational and customer service processes.

If you are thinking of implementing a proof of delivery system to streamline processes in your operation, get in touch with one of our experienced team to find out more about the fleXipod proof of delivery system.

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