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How a flexible ePOD system can help your business meet its unique requirements

Are you struggling to find an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system that matches your business needs?

Although industry challenges or customer demands may be similar, every business has its own operational processes and objectives, which can make selecting any type of software feel like a compromise.

Taking care to choose a flexible ePOD system means that you can take the standard functionality provided and configure it to suit your operational requirements, ensuring you gain as much benefit as possible from day one. In addition, selecting a configurable solution will allow you to refresh your processes in response to industry trends, regulatory changes or evolving customer demands without worrying about system upgrades, or downtime.

How configurable features in the fleXipod ePOD system can help you meet your unique requirements

Process configuration

Within fleXipod you are able to set up bespoke mobile processes for different products, customer contracts, driver skill groups or delivery scenarios such as ‘customer out’. Instead of choosing from a set of pre-configured options, you can create tailored workflows that ensure mobile workers follow your chosen processes while providing the increased visibility you require.

Data capture flexibility

fleXipod provides a range of question types and trigger points, enabling you to create bespoke electronic forms for your drivers to complete at various stages throughout the day such as vehicle checklists or installations reports. Having all of this detailed information available in real-time streamlines business processes for central office teams, including customer service follow up, billing and stock management.

Terminology and language management

Whether you are managing deliveries or installations, pallets or cages, drivers or technicians, the fleXipod software allows you to input your business specific terminology and use different languages in the central management console and mobile application. This can encourage quick staff adoption and ensure consistency across different teams or depots.

Pallet or container processing control

Using fleXipod, you can control how your drivers report on the delivery status of items that are part of a container, such as a pallet or case, to reflect your specific business processes. You can force them to debrief the entire container as a whole; all of the items individually; or you can allow them to debrief some items individually and then the remainder of the container as a whole if something within the container is damaged. This offers you greater control over mobile processes and gives office-based teams more granular visibility of job details.

Investing a little time in configuring processes at the beginning of your ePOD project will help you avoid costly software changes and make sure you get the most benefit from the solution right from the start. With the fleXipod ePOD system, our implementation team will spend time getting to know your business and understanding your requirements so that we can help you tailor the system to your needs and get up and running as quickly as possible.

To find out more about how the fleXipod ePOD system could help you enhance operational efficiency and improve customer service, get in touch with one of our experienced team.

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