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Unlocking competitive advantage: the transformative power of proof of delivery software for 3PLs

If you are involved in running a third party logistics organisation, you will be familiar with the delicate balancing act required to manage both customer service and operational efficiency.

On one hand, an incredibly competitive landscape means your operation has to be as efficient as possible to maintain profitability and allow you to stay competitive. Inefficiencies in your delivery processes have nowhere to hide. Rising transport costs, regulation changes and driver shortage issues add yet another layer of complexity. All of this means improving workforce productivity, optimising operational processes and reducing costs are top of your priority list.

On the other hand, your customers are under relentless pressure to provide better service levels and are looking to you to help them differentiate their service. This can result in different service requirements and processes for each customer. And, to complicate matters, these processes will need to evolve in-line with changing consumer demands while being carefully managed and communicated to ensure that your drivers can provide the correct service first time, every time even if they are delivering on behalf of multiple customers in one day.

This balancing act will not be overcome manually. Choosing the correct technology solution(s) for your business is essential to unlocking competitive advantage. While larger 3PLs may have the R&D budgets to trial robots, automation and AI, there are technologies that are available today that can help you manage some of these fundamental challenges.

Proof of delivery software is one such solution that offers a range of benefits to transform your third party logistics operation. In particular, it can help you cost-effectively implement bespoke customer service processes, setting you apart from the competition, without compromising the efficiency of your operation.

How proof of delivery software for 3PLs can help you get ahead of the game

Enhance customer service

From automated SMS delivery updates and real-time tracking portals, to streamlined on-site service, there are many ways proof of delivery software can help you enhance end-customer service.

For third party logistics operations, the real power of advanced systems lies in the ability to customise driver workflows for different customer contracts without creating a procedural nightmare for your staff.

Once configured and published in the central management console, the processes are automatically presented to your driver on the mobile application at the appropriate time, even if they are delivering on behalf of multiple customers on the same route. For example, if a driver is delivering on behalf of two retailers in the same day, the system can be configured to require a signature at those drops for retailer A while instructing the driver to capture a photo, signature and signatory name for retailer B deliveries.

Ensure process compliance

For third party logistics organisations with teams of drivers out on the road every day, ensuring process compliance and receiving accurate and consistent data can be a challenge. One that only gets more difficult the more drivers you have.

By replacing delivery paperwork with a proof of delivery application you will ensure that your drivers – including agency workers – are presented with the same step-by-step processes. If specified, it is also possible to stop the application progressing to the next task until all of the required information has been input. Not only does this give you confidence that the service you have promised your customer will be carried out, but it will also help ensure consistency in regulatory or operational processes, such as vehicle road worthiness checks or risk assessments.

Increase operational efficiency

Using a proof delivery app, simplifies and speeds up field processes for your drivers. This can enable them to complete more jobs per day and reduce the risk of inaccurate or lost proof of delivery details that will result in time-consuming follow up.

For office-based staff all data is available in real-time allowing more efficient management of day-to-day activities. For example they can:

  • Proactively manage customer service issues, which will cut inbound call volumes and improve the efficiency of returns and redelivery processes
  • Respond to operational data quickly, improving management of accidents, delays etc.
  • Share data with other departments to speed up subsequent processes such as invoicing, or asset management.

And best of all, advanced proof of delivery software can be easily scaled to manage peaks in customer requirements and support the growth of your business. The usability and flexibility of the software ensure that you can add drivers without the need for excessive training and amend workflows as your needs change without requiring additional software development. All without compromising your operational efficiency or workforce productivity.

To learn more about how your organisation could benefit, check out our Ultimate guide to the benefits of proof of delivery software, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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