Left turns were a hot topic last month thanks to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s proposed plans for construction lorries to minimise the number of left turns they take to improve road safety. The proposal is part of a wider set of safety initiatives but it was the “no left turn” that generated the headlines.

Fortunately for London logistics in general, the proposed new rules only apply to construction lorries, not main stream logistics, yet it’s a stark reminder of the complexities of trucking in the nation’s capital.

When a transport planner puts together a plan, he or she has to be confident that the route they’ve created is feasible. A good route needs to avoid limitations such as low bridges or one way streets, as well as time-related restrictions like the London Lorry Control Scheme.

Without this detailed level of planning, the driver may have to backtrack to avoid an unexpected No Entry sign, or drive round the block to comply with turn restrictions while his GPS device goes into “recalculate” mode. When this happens, it causes delays to the expected arrival time, upsets the local residents and frustrates the driver. Whether it’s a one-way street or a junction forbidding right hand turns, the driver needs to know about it before he or she reaches the point of no return.

Paragon’s smarter mapping tools include a Street Level Mapping module which indicates the direction of travel in one-way streets, left and right turn restrictions, and also shows all residential streets and minor roads. Our new Route Control functionality enables planners to build routes using approved route deviations at specific times of the day, week or month by truck type. This level of detail makes it easier for planners to produce highly accurate schedules for their drivers.

Clearly drivers still need to know where they’re going and watch out for restrictions but an accurate plan is a good starting point.

Street Level Mapping is just one of the software tools that Paragon can offer you to improve the accuracy of your transport planning. Talk to us today to find out how we are helping transport operations like yours reduce costs and improve customer service.

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