More accurate route optimisation for dense urban deliveries

Planning deliveries in dense urban areas needs precision. When you use Street Level Mapping with your Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition you can achieve a far higher level of accuracy. Schedules are planned to the nearest second and metre. This is ideal for maximising the efficiency of your transport operation by increasing drop density but also improving accuracy.

Why do I need Street Level Mapping?

The Paragon software supports entry-level maps at approximately 1:200,000 scale. These entry-level maps, or Level 3 maps, exclude all residential streets and minor roads so although they may be suitable for most routing requirements, they may not provide the level of detail required for planning deliveries in dense urban areas. If you are looking to optimise delivery schedules further, full street level map data will offer you a higher level of accuracy.

Problems solved

  • Enhance dense drop delivery performance
  • Improve use of driver and vehicle resource
  • Reduce manual planning activity
  • Improve the accuracy of delivery routes and schedules
  • Ensure accuracy of new business proposals
  • Improve customer location accuracy with Address-Range Geocoding
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