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Making In-Home Delivery Operations More Consumer Driven

Consumers today want the freedom to choose delivery methods and times that work for them. That ability even influences their buying decision. Is your operation fulfilling those expectations?

For many businesses it’s no longer just about getting the most efficient use of trucks and drivers; it’s about creating a consumer-driven delivery operation, where buyers have increased convenience, choice and control in their delivery experiences. But doing all of that while minimising fleet costs and improving efficiencies – that’s a bit more complex!

In our latest eBook, “Making In-Home Delivery Operations More Consumer-Driven,” we explore how using the right home delivery software can help you turn this complexity into opportunity:

  • Empower buyers to manage their own delivery experience
  • Optimise truck and driver efficiencies
  • Reduce the cost of delivery operations and customer service
  • Flip the script on historical service-to-cost ratios, drive service levels up and increase consumer confidence

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