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Modern Delivery Route Management

Do you know how much your delivery fleet is truly costing your business?

You may have a handle on most of the hard costs, such as drivers, equipment fuel and maintenance. But what about hidden costs that do not lie directly within your transport department? For example, if your customer service team is regularly fielding ‘where is my order’ calls, racking up high labour costs.

Whether you’re a distributor, a manufacturer, or a retailer, the performance of your distribution operation is touching every aspect of your business and having a profound impact on two key objectives – profit and customer happiness.

To overcome this, your transport operation needs to integrate with a range of other business functions including warehouse operations, dispatch and customer service. Implementing the right technology can bridge these gaps, increasing efficiency and unlocking potential savings of 10-30%.

In our latest eBook, we reveal how integrated end-to-end-management with advanced route optimisation software can help you:

  • Automate manual transport planning
  • Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of route plans
  • Join up your transport operation with full visibility from plan to final mile
  • Make significant savings by leveraging real-time data from one single source

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