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Greggs uses Paragon’s route optimisation software to support business transformation

With the food-on-the-go sector rapidly expanding in the UK, specialists such as Greggs are facing growing pressure on their supply chains to meet changing customer demands.

Greggs has undertaken an ambitious £100 million investment to reshape its supply chain, supporting the transformation from a decentralised traditional bakery business into a centrally-run, food-on-the-go brand that can meet the choice and availability customers demand. The retailer has also expanded beyond its traditional place on the high street to new locations on retail and industrial parks, motorway service stations and travel hubs.

As a result of all these changes, distribution planning has become progressively more complex. Greggs’ team of transport planners uses Paragon’s route optimisation software extensively to simplify the planning process, target efficiency savings and maintain service standards.

Greggs uses Paragon's routing and scheduling software to support business transformation
Quick facts:
  • UK's leading bakery food-on-the-go retailer
  • 1,800 shops serving more than six million customers every day
  • 3,500 stores deliveries every day
  • 250 temperature-controlled rigid vehicles driven by a team of 600 drivers working across two shifts
  • 25 tractor units used for trunking between regional distribution centres
  • Time-sensitive access restrictions and strict delivery windows
Benefits reported:
  • Simplified the planning process
  • Supported business transformation
  • Removed almost 900 miles a week from local plans
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by around 35 tonnes per year

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