West Country based logistics company Gregory Distribution is using Paragon routing and scheduling software to help it win new business.

The new system uses Paragon’s Integrated Fleets route planning software, with street level mapping and average road speed data to extend its functionality and accuracy. Gregory Distribution uses the routing and scheduling software strategically for modelling routes across its business, which spans a wide range of industry sectors and sees vehicles transporting grocery products, milk, raw materials, consumer goods and industrial items throughout the UK and into Europe.

“Following a thorough and competitive selection process, we chose Paragon’s routing and scheduling software system to be at the forefront of our business development and existing business re-engineering processes. After viewing the quality of the solutions from the case study testing phase it became clear that Paragon was the ideal partner to support our varied and diverse transport operations,” says Gavin Haines, General Manager – Business Development, Gregory Distribution.

Paragon’s Integrated Fleets software enables vehicles and drivers at multiple sites to be treated as a single integrated transport resource, so that movements from different depots can be combined into efficient routes that reduce overall empty running. The routing and scheduling system will be used by the company’s business development team at its Cullompton distribution centre in Devon.

“We chose Paragon Integrated Fleets with street level mapping and road speed data as it provides the ideal tools to test ‘what if’ scenarios for both single and multi-depot operations, which is essential in both winning new business and delivering further efficiencies to our existing customers,” says Gavin Haines. “Working with the Paragon team during the implementation and training phases showed clearly that they understand our business requirements. We believe that using Paragon for our strategic analysis of transport operations is an integral part of our future business development.”

Gregory Distribution works with a wide variety of customers, from local companies to large, multi-national organisations. Today, it serves 400 customers based regionally, nationally and internationally and has 450 trucks doing 40 million miles a year, 1250 employees and an annualised turnover in excess of £130 million.  “We are delighted to have Gregory Distribution join our growing UK customer base,” adds William Salter, Paragon’s Managing Director.

Gregory Distribution is using Paragon's routing and scheduling software to reap in benefits of modelling routes