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Simplify Your Regulatory Compliance Procedures With ePOD

Whether it is daily vehicle checklists, health and safety surveys or product specific restrictions, all mobile workforces are bound by some degree of regulatory compliance. Recording and reviewing all of the necessary data can be a time-consuming task for those involved. However, an electronic proof of delivery system can help simplify the process for your staff while ensuring the required data is captured accurately and processes are followed consistently across your operation.

Simplify complex data collection for your team

With advanced proof of delivery systems, data capture options are configurable to your organisation. This means you are able to create business specific compliance processes that are easy for your mobile workers to follow as part of their day-to-day routine. For example, a proof of delivery application can prompt your driver to complete a vehicle checklist before they begin their daily job list or it can ensure they record a temperature reading when delivering chilled products. Making it easier for your drivers to comply with the legislation that regulates your industry allows them to focus on providing an excellent customer experience.

The electronic capture of data using a proof of delivery application also removes the risk of important compliance paperwork being lost or damaged during the day and can facilitate more comprehensive documenting of issues, for example, by associating photographs and additional notes with specific actions. This detailed data is transmitted in real-time to your office-based staff, eliminating the need for your admin teams to manually enter the information or physically store paperwork.

Ensure all processes are followed accurately

In addition to simplifying the recording of compliance data, advanced proof of delivery systems often have features to help keep processes on track when issues arise. For example, automatic exception alerting functionality can directly notify office-based teams of problems rather than staff manually reviewing the incoming data stream. This eases the communication process between office-based and mobile teams, while also making compliance reporting procedures more efficient with issues flagged quickly for resolution.

In some circumstances, it may also be possible to configure the electronic proof of delivery application to guide drivers through the necessary actions, such as when a product falls outside of an acceptable temperature range. Some systems can also stop a driver from proceeding until an authorisation code has been inputted. For example, if an issue is recorded during on-site risk assessment, the application can inform the driver to ring into the office for an authorisation code before being able to proceed with the job.

Employing an electronic proof of delivery system enables you to capture detailed regulatory compliance data consistently across your mobile workforce operation with simplified processes for those involved in recording and reviewing the information.

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