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Is fleXipod Suitable for My Organisation?

Proof of delivery software or ‘sign on glass’ systems have become an increasingly common tool for operations carrying out home deliveries, or parcel delivery services. However, the flexibility of advanced proof of delivery systems, like fleXipod, offers the same benefits of real-time job visibility, improved customer service and streamlined operational efficiency to a wider range of organisations. From retailers and third party logistics providers to B2B suppliers and field service operations, many mobile workforce organisations will find that implementing an electronic proof of delivery system can bring measurable benefits.

Configurability is key to industry flexibility

The fleXipod system is highly configurable meaning it is not only customisable to suit various industries, but can be tailored by authorised individuals in the team to support your business requirements. You can create workflows, configure bespoke data capture requirements, specify delivery outcomes and personalise terminology to support your business processes both in the office and out on the road.

Whether you are a B2B supplier delivering an extensive product range with different requirements for each item, or a field service provider with complex data capture requirements, you can configure the fleXipod system to meet your needs and make adjustments as your business changes.

When it comes to fleet structure, the fleXipod system is equally flexible

Whether you have a large fleet, multiple depots or even different driver skill groups to manage, the fleXipod system can support your requirements. Workflows and data capture requirements can be configured centrally to ensure standardisation of processes across depots or driver groups.

Alternatively, the procedures can be configured to suit each depot or group. For example, for third party fulfilment providers this flexibility can be used to manage multi-client environments. The ability to offer a tailored service for different customer contracts can be used as a differentiator to win new business and improve customer service.

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